The Most Powerful Medicine


The Most Powerful Medicine

«If our beliefs turn out to be the most powerful drug in the world, as the evidence shows, what would happen if you turned that power onto yourself?»
-Mark Waldman & Andrew Newberg, M.D.

The researchers who have provided this quote are drawing the obvious (to some of us) conclusion that the thoughts we think have real consequences in our body.

Thousands of experiments have shown that in many cases if we think we’re being healed, we get well!

The medical community calls this «the placebo effect» and is astonished that it shows up, not just in healing minor, every day ailments, but in serious, life-threatening situations like cancer.

Let’s be clear about this – the physical world responds to our thoughts, and if we incorporate the practice of thinking thoughts that support what we want in life, we’re much more likely to get it.

That means that we should treat the way we think as the most powerful medicine in our healing process. For the full range of problems, from a minor annoyance to life threatening, we can apply affirmative and positive thoughts of health.

This does not mean giving up doctors; it just means that we add our healing thinking to the treatment process.

We might even start thinking thoughts of health before we get ill!

That’s a radical idea, eh?

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