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  • 10 Fundamental Truths That Will Change Your Life

      It’s surprising how easy it is to lose sight of the important things in life. Busy schedules and regular routines have a tendency to put the brain on autopilot. When things aren’t going quite the way you’d like them to, it’s often because you’ve lost focus on what really matters. But focusing on life’s […]

  • 4 Ways You Can Reinvent Yourself in the YouEconomy

    You are not stuck. Or at least, not as stuck as you might feel. The truth is you’ve got a lot more opportunities to refresh and reinvent yourself than you might know. In today’s YouEconomy, the chance to start over or just start something new is in the palm of your hand. From apps to […]

  • 3 Myths About Goal Setting That Are Throwing You Off Before You Begin

    There has been so much written about setting goals. If you Google “goal-setting,” you’ll be presented with 372 million results. (In contrast, if you search for “laziness,” you’ll only get 24.9 million results.) Many great minds have examined this topic, so why are we still struggling so much with how to do this effectively? It’s […]

  • Make These 10 Commitments To Live A Truly Accountable Life

    Accountability means being accountable to ourselves first—and that requires a special kind of commitment. There are certain elements of mindfulness and presence that make the kind of commitment I am talking about possible. We can think of this in terms of what I call choice points. All day long, you and I make choices. What […]

  • How To Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

    Consider what life would be if we only did what we know, what we were already good at or what we currently liked. We would never grow. It’s no wonder babies cry when they are pushed from the safe and nurturing confines of their mothers’ womb and into the brightly lit, cold confines of the […]

  • Don’t Be An Old Grump, Here Are 9 Ways To Think Young

    Don’t Be An Old Grump Here Are 9 Ways To Think Young Youth is wasted on the young—or at least that’s what they say, but it would be a travesty if it were true. Youth is not only a time of life; it’s also a state of mind. One must stop counting after our 39th […]

  • Peter Yobo Shares Insights To Success

    WHAT IS THE SIMPLEST WAY TO FIND YOUR PASSION? The simplest way to find your passion is to think with your heart. What lights your heart on fire? What lights you up? What gets you excited? You know when you hit the bed and your alarm goes off? What gets you popping out of the […]

  • The Silver Lining of Every Failure

    Over the past month, I interviewed three times for a job I felt sure I would get. It felt, from the moment I heard about it, as if it were tailored specifically for my qualifications. It was the perfect match for both my skills and passion, and each step closer made me more self-assured that […]

  • How to Create Your Success Plan

    How is your year going so far? I can tell you from my end, it’s been crazy! Between managing two national publications, the monthly SUCCESS+ training and everyday obstacles, 2019 has flown by. I make sure I take care of everything at work and home, but there’s one person that I overlooked: myself. It excites […]

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