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  • The True Meaning Of Success

    The True Meaning Of Success By Jesse Herriott, M.A. Success comes as the by-product of a life lived from the inside out. The key to living a successful life is grasping the awareness that you are enough. Once you understand you are enough, you create the space within your consciousness that allows you to realign […]

  • 7 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness

      1. MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY: As children, our parents tell us to make up for misbehaving by doing something nice for someone. As adults, we help friends move into a new house; we bring hot meals to new mothers; we might even donate time or money to local charities a few times a year. After […]

  • Your Words Are Powerful: 8 Positive Speaking Habits To Build Yourself Up

      Have you ever heard yourself saying? “This situation (or person) is just impossible.” “I’m a total failure at…” or “I’m hopeless at…” “I’ll never be able to figure this out.” “I’ll try, but…” “It’s just such a nightmare.” If you answered “yes” to any of those, then it’s likely you’ve unconsciously been sabotaging your […]

  • 8 Tips To Improve Team Collaboration

    How to make your team work Think about the best team you’ve ever been a part of. What made that team work? Was it the project? The people? The interpersonal dynamics? Did you enjoy being part of it? Did it bring out the best in you? Now think about the worst team you’ve ever been […]

  • How To Overcome Regret

    Try these tactics for moving on and getting over. Regrets! We’ve all had a few. In researching how to get over regret, we found three excellent examples of people who did so in such thoughtful, meaningful ways. And there are some general tactics, should you find yourself mired in remorse: 1. OWN UP TO IT […]

  • 3 Valuable Strategies For Practicing Self-Respect

    Valuable Strategies For Practicing Self-respect You should go and love yourself. In 1961, author Joan Didion, then a 26-year-old Vogue editor, penned a seminal essay for the magazine titled, “Self-Respect: Its Source, Its Power.” In it she wrote, “To live without self-respect is to lie awake some night, beyond the reach of warm milk, Phenobarbital […]

  • Don’t Skip These 5 Steps on Your Way to the Top

    Success is not a place; it’s a process, so learn to grow with it. From a distance, success can seem like a target destination, a place like a corner office, a fine hotel or an impressive mansion. And once you finally get there, everything is perfect, right? For those who’ve already arrived at what most […]

  • Don’t Share Your Goals With These 3 People

    They say you should share your goals. But with everyone? It has been said that the moment we set a goal, we should tell everyone as a means of securing success. That making a commitment to the world will ensure that we have the added pressure to see that goal to completion. But is that […]

  • These Are The World’s Happiest Countries

    The happiest regions in the world, by the quality they exemplify There are three basic strands of well-being, which I call the three P’s of happiness: pleasure, purpose and pride. At first, these strands might seem quite different from one another, but we often find them braided together in the lives of the world’s happiest […]

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